The land is the setting upon which we build our dreams.

Conte & Conte, LLC, will work to create beautiful, problem solving results from virtually any set of site constraints and/or complex program requirements.

Our interactive design approach focuses first on the client’s goals, then, by working with the unique characteristics of the site, seeks to transform the property into a setting that fully addresses those goals.

Our full range of design services will include all aspects of landscape design. This can include: swimming pools, spas, drives, walks, walls, steps, rails, fencing, lighting, plantings, grading, drainage, decking, paving, utilities and many other site improvements relating to Landscape Architecture.

Master Planning

  • Program Development
  • Budget Development
  • Building and Structure Siting
  • Vehicular & Pedestrian Circulation

Design Development

  • Landscape Design & Materials Selection
  • Garden Furniture Acquisition, Selection and Placement
  • Garden Sculpture Acquisition, Selection & Placement
  • Plant Selection
  • Cost Analysis

Construction Documents

  • Layout Plans
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Planting Plans
  • Lighting Plans
  • Construction Specifications
  • Construction Cost Estimates

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