"Our garden is a treasure."

"We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the incredibly beautiful and artful job you did designing and bringing to fruition our client's "English Garden". It seems like only yesterday that we all met in your office and you set forth your concept of the design. How impressed we are in the timely manner in which you were able to bring those plans to life. It has been a pleasure working with you from day one! From the historical details you presented us, to the imaginative, sophisticated and well planned design, the infinite care you took choosing the trees, plants, flowers and shrubs - the finished product is one that beautifully melds with our client's home. Walking through the exquisite garden is truly a delight to the eyes! Looking forward to working with you again in the future" - Peter Balsam and Jayne Goldstein

"We adore our garden! It is exactly what we wanted...a sort of 'controlled chaos'. We did not want anything that looked formal or 'stiff'...we wanted a natural feeling, and a garden that looked like it had been there for years, and John designed a masterful plan!" -L.S.

"I didn't know that I needed a landscape architect for the project, but as we progressed, I realized that we couldn't have done without one." - Carol Dollard, Steeple Chase Farm

"It was very easy to work with John and Kim. They contributed many ideas that we liked but were not overly opinionated, so we felt a part of the decision process. We think John has an artist's eye. We trust his aesthetic judgment." -C.H.

"We would and have recommended John and Kim. John has a wonderful eye for design but Kim KNOWS plants and flowers like no one else! She is incredible in her ability to pick the perfect variety of plant or flower for a particular place and look. SHE KNOWS WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR GARDEN. They are the perfect team. Some landscape architects design gardens but John and Kim design gardens for YOU. They listen and guide and include you every step of the way." -L.S.

"We’ve worked with John & Kim on numerous projects at our previous residence in Greenwich and our current residence. We find them to be very creative, accommodating and they provide a high quality product." -B.S. & J.S.

"We think we benefited by using the integrated services of design and construction/landscaping. It has been efficient and cost-effective. If problems arise, we are not caught in the middle of "finger pointing". The Contes assume complete responsibility for the project and make sure that everything completes to our satisfaction." -F.N.

"What we enjoy most about our landscape is that it has variety and interest, yet looks natural. It blends well with the surroundings and doesn't look too "sculpted"." -C.H.

"My wife and I enjoyed John and Kim as people as well as professionals, and the positive tone they brought to our relationship enabled us to deal with difficult issues (which are unavoidable in a project of the scope of ours) with a minimum of friction." -F.N.


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