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Simple Ways to Make Your Lawn Beautiful

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What benefits come from aerating a lawn?
Aerating a lawn will help with nutrient absorption, water drainage, and good air circulation to the lawn’s roots.

How often should people weed/fertilize their lawn or garden bed?
It is important to note that there are no blanket answers to taking care of your lawn since many key factors depend on the environment the lawn is in. It is best to consult with a professional for optimal results.
Typically you should weed your lawn as soon as weeds start to appear to keep weed seeds from germinating. You should do the same with garden beds, or at least weed them monthly. Weeds grow faster in the hot months of June, July & August. Try and fertilize three times during the growing season.

For someone who wants to make their lawn brilliantly green, what do you suggest they do?
You want to try and promote the overall health of your lawn by using organic slow release fertilizers which are environmentally preferable.

What’s a simple and quick fix to up the aesthetic appeal of a garden bed?
It always helps to do some weeding, edging and mulching!

Do you have any tips for preventing weeds and other invasive plants from growing on a lawn?
The healthier your lawn is, the fewer battles you will have with weeds. Most lawns like adequate sun and moisture. Using organic matter is also highly beneficial.

How often do you recommend mowing your lawn for maximum beauty and fullness?
Try and mow your lawn weekly, especially during the hot summer months but make sure to not cut your grass shorter than three inches.

What are some benefits of raking regularly?
Rake in the beginning of the growing season to try and get air, moisture and light to the grass.

What is a simple DIY project that you feel really increases the aesthetics of a yard?
Create a nice clean, crisp edge and boundaries. It is a nice idea to plant a flower bed perennial border.

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