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Landscape Architecture meets Landscape Maintenance

It’s a perfect match, having sister companies in parallel fields.  Clear communication is imperative to making a good team.  Working as separate entities and joining forces when a job is nearing completion can create a powerful synergy.  The newly developed landscape must be maintained to best enjoy the design, therefore it’s important to bring in a trained grounds crew as early as possible.

There are strong benefits to working with a firm that understands the design objective.  Successful maintenance is a must in giving the landscape a chance to flourish and express the appearance the designer envisioned during conception.  During the planting phase, maintenance managers can offer advice on plants needs and how they will develop over the seasons, establishing priorities that can reduce unnecessary work or replacements in the future.

If the transition is managed properly, preserving your new gardens should be easy.   By managing both business interests from one location, we can offer a holistic approach that some folks might consider near perfection.


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