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Greenwich Common - An Urban Park Design

Conte and Conte, LLC is excited to announce that the construction phase of the Greenwich Common project kicked off last week.

Greenwich Common is a small urban park, prominently located in downtown Greenwich Connecticut, between Greenwich Avenue and the Town Hall.  C&C has collaborated with the Town of Greenwich to give this site a full landscape makeover.  The underlying concept for the new design is to provide a more formal and traditional park setting.  The plans involve a new layout with the introduction of a more elegant fixtures palette, befitting of the park’s original period of establishment in the early 1900s. The new path system is shaped in a quadrant, paying heed to the more traditional language of a ‘village green’ and will be enhanced with a number of new site furnishings, including 1939 New York World’s Fair design picnic and game tables, wrought iron entry arches with cast bronze lettering and new period style lighting (carefully chosen LED bulbs which have a low Kelvin value so as to best emulate the natural warm white light spectrum), new ornamental plantings and a new irrigation system.  The one existing park feature which shall remain is the strong framework of well-established Beech trees along the long sides of the park and the two Copper Beech trees at the far ends.

The park, which at present is closed for this renovation period, is due to reopen on July 4th, and shall be a featured site at this year’s Town of Greenwich’s 375th anniversary celebration. V1-2 V3-1

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